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The Girl from the Ice Caps by MaGLIL
The Girl from the Ice Caps
"Let's pretend we don't exist...let's pretend we're in Antarctica."
This isn't based on speaking with Flat Earthers or watching their is mostly based on my *ahem* impeccable intuition.

What did the discovery of evolution do to the human psyche? It did more than just enlighten us of how things change. It also inspired something fearful, a belief in progress where progress shouldn't be projected. Darwin's point was not that change from stupid to smart, from worse to better. His point was simply that things change over time. Period. Change. Not progress, change. Not better nor worse, just different from now till then. 

The lesson humanity took from this, however, was one of superiority vs inferiority. That the better among us would survive, and the weak would, and should, fail. Humanity projected fear, insecurity, prejudice, and hubris on to nature in this way. We live in a world will a fascination with and desire for evolution. We think it's what we're supposed to do. Humanity is supposed to get better than what we were and what we are.

The emotional pull that creationism and flat earth provides, in addition to the distrust of intelligence as well as the will to get more intelligent, is the desire to live in a world where things don't need to change. A feeling that's like we're all on the same level, the animals, the plants, us--we've all been placed here alongside each other. We are not more evolved or less evolved, we're just hear next to each other. It's a kind of worldview that removes the perception of time and progress. It's timelessness itself that is the appeal, as time is so linked to progress and success. It brings back the perception that we are beings walking around a 3D board, instead beings who move through time--from immaturity to maturity, from nothing to success, from young to old, low status to higher status, etc. 

I believe many of us, through social media and career hubris, are losing touch with the primitive basics of our existence, replacing it with an abstract one. The abstract one is all about moving mentally to more enlightened state, the primitive one is only concerned with the field and surrounding in which we live, moving left to right, here to there...not moving to more or less important or significant or useful or worthy. We are here, at the end, this is it. When I think of a timeless space, the image that comes to mind is like the Never Ending Story, with a floating island in the middle of space. Like Asgard, too, it's a place in our imaginations which remind us of something, and I think these images remind us of something we have lost and are trying to get back to. 

It's something to think about. What does the floating island with the crystal palace actually mean?
Controversial subject, because I just love starting fires (sarcastic...but sometimes I do). A little bit reluctant to talk about this subject but I feel the call. This isn't meant to sway you one way or another, it's just something I need to get off my chest.

I don't like seeing animals treated badly, I don't like seeing them captured in the wild just to be show animals. 

In the past few years of living with my dog, I have see and feel a great uneasiness with the idea of taking an animal from the wild and depriving it of most of it's survival skills, as well as neuter it, as well as put it through the psychological stress of living inside while only having to go to the bathroom outside. I have a pug who is in his later years, and he is not fairing well at all. Apart from being deaf and blind, he yelps and screams when he has to go because he doesn't have the ability himself to get outside, and he's a afraid to pee inside because we've punished him for it in the past, and at the same time he is old and can't control himself anymore. I don't think I could own another dog after him, because this situation is so heartbreaking. Now I think to myself, why are we punishing animals for doing we they naturally do?? Just for having to live inside. (By punish I don't mean physically, but enough to teach him he's not supposed to go inside). And you can't explain to the dog that we're not mad at him for going inside now, it's now part of his programming, all inspired by the need to keep our inside home tidy and clean.

About meat, I eat meat. I own leather, too. I don't like thinking about how industrialized meat is, it scares me. But meat or leather or fur does not scare me nearly as much as this:

Animal Testing. 
For products it's bad enough, but for psychology? 

I could go out in the woods with a rifle and shoot a deer. I could skin it. I could cut it apart and eat it.

I can't in my wildest imagination, however, dream of intentionally inducing PSTD or other psychological tortures on an animal capable of such stress just to study the phenomenon. It startles me sometimes when I hear an Animal Rights activist or a vegan/vegetarian say that this kind of study is an exception to the principles they believe in, when for me, it's a horror I can't even fathom. Being captured by a higher intelligence for the sole purpose of using your capacity to suffer for their own knowledge and curiosity.…

These are two websites with opposite views on the subject, and are the very first result on google search for "animals used to study human psychology"

I know I can't sleep well until I understand either that my perception is exaggerated and there isn't much to worry about, or that something is done. So if you have more information or knowledge on the subject which you could share, I would appreciate it. 
Walking Dead by MaGLIL
Walking Dead
So I juuust started watching the Walking Dead. Actuallly, I just started watching it from almost the end of the season, four episodes left. 

All my life, I have been very sensitive to gore. I always closed my eyes. I never understood how people could watch such violent and bloody things happening on screen and enjoy it...

But since watching this part of the show (spoilers) when the group discovers Alexandria, a sort of struggling utopia, I could actually feel the characters' need to go outside the compound and just shoot and stab zombies in the head. And I just felt like, oh my goodness, I just want to go out and kill zombies with a big knife, carnage and all. 

It was like I felt all those years of having to survive, what it meant outside of making other people happy with consumerism, customers first, etc...All of a sudden finding a safe place that didn't feel like reality anymore. To go from a state of not pretending anything, not hiding anything, not putting on a returning to a society of masks and beginning to hunger for violence and death again... For a show to do that to someone like me, it's very compelling. So this is just a quick piece to try to capture how I'm feeling
The night before yesterday I had the strangest dream ever. I dreamt of elephants, their heads were poking through a wall, and the top of one of their heads was completely cut off and hollow inside. They were bending their heads up and down as if they were automated machines. There was a man there who was keeping the elephants, and I told the guy "you need to stop doing this, it's just the right thing to do" I remember thinking, what in the WORLD could make me dream of that? I've never been an animal rights activist but in my dream I was so fired up. Then this morning I hear that a circus has decided to retire their elephants after animal rights activists campaigning against them. woah


United States

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